makes sure to provide meritorious security to their customers in terms of keeping their data safe and sound with us. The major fear while shopping online is the threat one faces. But we have adopted a new and highly advanced security system which helps in protecting the data feed by the customers. Safety measures used by to offer high class security to our customers are elaborated below.

The entire website is well secured with Secure Socket Layer or SSL security that assures a customer that his data won’t be leaked to third person at any cost. The information of customers such as email address, phone number, mailing address, credit card details etc is use only for business purpose. This info wouldn’t be handover to third party so you will never get spam. To make the security more advanced, we have 3D-Secure/Verified-by-VISA compliant payment processor. This processer protects the whole transaction process by following advanced security techniques.

Our system doesn’t record the information provided by our customers. This whole process is being handled by PCI compliant payment processor. This processer provided excellent protection from online threats and that is the reason we have adopted it to secure our customer’s details.